Conference Solutions

From the touch screens that greet guests with detailed program information on the first day, to the big band gala dinner, we have every aspect of your conference covered. Having provided conference solutions across Australia for many years, our team know exactly what is needed to ensure that every element of your conference is a success.


We know that the right lighting can make or break an event; it can turn ‘wishy washy’ into ‘wow!’ and drab into delight. With the states biggest supply of intelligent lights and a vast array of conventional lights, we love a good lighting rig as much as you do! Our team of technicians will seamlessly take you from concept and design, through feasibility and budgeting, to install and operation – allowing you to breathe easy and focus on what’s important to you. From huge state of the art lighting shows with moving lights and programable moving head projectors, to simple classic lighting with traditional profiles, fresnels and par cans – if it glows our lighting team have got it covered!


The stage is central to every event and getting the right one is vital. We have a wide range of staging options to enhance your event, and the experience to ensure you come out with the perfect solution. Assembled by our experienced team of technicians, you can rest assured that not only will your temporary stage be stronger and safer than any permanent stage you could find, but it will also be assembled and disassembled in a flash – making sure that the rest of your production runs smoothly! Whether you’re after a large outdoor stage with roofing system, or a single riser to ensure good sight lines – our versatile staging options can be customised to suit your needs.


Whether it’s an entire symphony orchestra or a speaker at your next conference – we have a sound system that will bring clarity to the entire audience.Alive Technologies is now the proud owner of a full L’acoustics V’Dosc system along with a dV’Dosc and ARCS system powered by Crown and LA8 Racks.


Perhaps you want to show the headline act on a screen as big as a building… or project your logo into the night sky… or install touch screens throughout the conference venue… What ever your visual requirements (live or otherwise) we have you covered! LED screen technology is constantly moving forward and we often find our clients are surprised at what can be achieved. In the space of a few hours our team can effortlessly turn an entire wall at your venue into a giant arena style screen, set up a live vision link to a room on the other side of town, or even create vodcasts that delegates and audience members can download from your website moments after the event!
With our brand new Black LED 4.8mm pitch indoor/outdoor screen (see pictures), which can be any size you desire. Or select from our huge range of sizes in fast fold screens ranging from 6′ x 8′ all the way up to 32′ x 18′. We also have a range of vision processors, vision mixers, moving head projectors, cameras and a stellar crew of operators – we will transform your event into something people will tweet about!